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The Team

Rebecca Wagner
Executive Director
BS Kinesiology
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
My motto is, “Never Give Up” in everything you do in life. I believe being healthy both mentally and physically is all one needs to succeed. Outside of work I enjoy functional training, mountain biking, rafting, fishing, skiing, hanging with my family and dogs.
phone: 970.319.8041
office: 970.963.6030
Nate Grinzinger
Park Manager

Bike Park Director

BS Health & Recreation- Hope College
I have been in the valley for 17 years and have been managing Crown Mtn Park since 2015. I love Crown because it puts me in a position to help make an impact on our communities: health, families, youth, team sports and support of local business. We have the best team I have ever worked with, and I love coming to work. This is pretty much a dream job.
phone: 616.610.6294
office: 970.963.6030
Robert Smith
Parks Maintenance and Recreation



The Board

Leroy Duroux
As a Town of Basalt Trustee, I was a proponent of the construction of Crown Mountain Park. My past and current experiences with special districts include Mid-Valley Metro District Board for 8 years, Basalt and Rural Fire Protection District Board for 8 years, and currently serving on the Roaring Fork Fire and Rescue Board of Directors. As town council member for 9 + years and Mayor of Basalt for 8 years, these experiences will assist me in working with this Board to reach planning and financial decisions currently and in the future for the continued success of the Crown Mountain Recreation District.
term: May 2020 – 2023
Bonnie Scott

Vice President

I have previously served on the board for Crown Mountain Recreation District in 2016-2020 and was a volunteer member of ‘Friends of Crown Mountain Park’ group in 2012. I have coached soccer & basketball teams in Aspen, Basalt and Crown Mountain Park. Previous member of the Bishop’s Committee member St. Peter’s Church in Basalt. Past HOA president of Valley View Subdivision.
term: May 2020 – 2023
Ted Bristol
term: May 2025
Heather Lewin
term: May 2022 – 2025
Trevor Lalonde
term: May 2022-2025

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