Currently we have 5 shaded structures we rent out for parties at Crown Mountain Park. If you are looking for exclusive use of the shelters you must reserve the shelters for a small fee. Included with the rental is use of our cornhole tables, bocce ball set, ladder toss, washers, and volleyball spike. You can choose 2 lawn sports to play during your party. Lawn equipment is booked on a first come first serve basis.

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Reserve Amenities

Pavillion Shaded Structure

The Pavilion is located next to the playground and between both baseball fields, it has a food serving area fully equipped with a refrigerator & electric grill. Additional tents are NOT allowed to be setup with this rental (Maximum of 75 people)
Cost: $30/hr

Hexagon Shaded Structure

The hexagon shade structure is next to the playground. (Accommodates approximately 24 people)
Cost: $20/hr

Playground Square Shelter

The square shade structure is next to the playground. (Accommodates approximately 16 people)
Cost: $20/hr

Volleyball Square Shelter

The Volleyball structure is located next to the volleyball courts and horseshoe pits. (Accommodates approximately 16 people)
Cost: $20/hr

Bike Park Square Shelter

The Bike Park structure is located next to the BMX track and dirt jumps. (Accommodates approximately 16 people)
Cost: $20/hr

Party Rentals

Foam Parties

Swim through bubbles, you may even disappear. We use a high-density foam that creates a bubble bath, it can fill a space 30ft x 30ft and up to 8ft high depending on the wind. One bubble machine works great for parities under 20 people, with more people we recommend two machines. Bring a swimsuit, googles, towel and extra clothes.

Cost: $200 (1 bubble machine) or $300 (2 bubble machines)

Crown Mtn Park
Phone: (970) 963-6030

Bounce House

Pick between a wide variety of bounce castles, bounce castles with slides, interactive games, and water slides. Inflatables will receive a 15% off discount with Aspen House of bounce. Prices are good for 3hrs of bouncing. Depending on size of inflatable they may need assistance setting up and taking down inflatable.

Katie Reeves
Phone: (970) 274-4073

Athletic Rentals

Park amenities are open to the public for free on a first come first serve basis. Please be respectful and limit your time to play if people are waiting. If you would like to reserve a park amenity for private use, please click on the link above. If you are interested in a recurring rental throughout an athletic season, please email

Soccer & Lax Fields Cost:
$10/hr (U8 fields) $15/hr (U10/U12 fields) $20/hr (U14/lax fields)
Baseball Fields: $5/hr
Tennis Courts Cost: $10/hr