Crown Mountain Bike Park Safety Tips

Please READ for Your Child’s SAFETY

Helmets: There will be crashes. Always wear a helmet to prevent brain trauma and concussions, and consider a full face helmet for extra protection. Aspen Valley Hospital’s Helmet Program provides free helmet fittings to anyone who already has a helmet and free helmets to community members in need.

Coaster Brakes: Coaster brakes, where you pedal backwards to stop or slow down, are not safe for use on the Bike Park terrain.

Hand Brakes: Hand brakes are appropriate for the Bike Park terrain; make sure they work well. A rear hand brake only is okay.

Tire Air Pressure: Check the side of the tire for recommended air pressure. Learn more about mountain bike tire pressure below.

Seat Position: Lower the seat so your child can touch his/her feet flat on the ground. Learn more about seat position below.

Handlebars: Make sure handlebars are tight and straight. Learn more about handlebar position below.

Bike Fit: Ask a member of the Bike Park team or a mechanic if your kid’s bike is properly sized.

Bike Maintenance: Get a tune before riding at the start of the season.

Additional Safety Equipment: Consider elbow and shin pads for added protection.

Please take a picture of this list to keep on your phone and share it with your bike park friends.

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Bike Park Safety Tips

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