Prepare to Play

Some of the most common injuries may be prevented by preparing your body with warm-up and cool-down exercises to increase blood flow and improve flexibility in the muscles you use while participating in sports. In addition, warm-up exercise may reduce muscle soreness after your exercise session.

Warming Up

In addition to light exercises such as jumping jacks or slowly running in place to rev-up your cardiovascular system, include sport-specific stretches to increase blood flow to the muscles you will be engaging most.


Proper hydration is essential in our high altitude and low humidity environment. Hydrating before and during your activity will aid your performance. A general recommendation is to drink 24 ounces, or 3 large glasses of caffeine-free liquids before you exercise. Make sure you continue to drink water or an electrolyte sports drink to optimize your hydration levels so your body can effectively cool itself through sweating and evaporation while you are active.

Cooling Down

After playing sports, your muscles are warm and more flexible. Taking the time to stretch after engaging in sports may reduce muscle soreness as well as help to maintain flexibility for your next session. Gently repeat each of the sport-specific stretches from your warm up.

Prepare to Play

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